What factors make you fall in love with mobile phones at first sight? 1

What factors make you fall in love with mobile phones at first sight?

Since the development of smartphones, subtle differences in hardware and functions have caused phone product homogeneity among various brands, which makes it hard to make a brand stand out and win the favor of consumers. In addition to internal needs, customers also have higher requirements for aesthetics. As a result, phone brands seek differences in appearance design, they usually design in color, camera appearance, button placement, and other aspects, so that can let consumers fall in love with a glance. In this blog, we’ll discuss how phone designers make a variety of eye-catching phones by exterior and development.

What factors make you fall in love with mobile phones at first sight? 2

Those Designs Which Possessing Aesthetically Eye-catching Appearance on Phones

Screen Design

From the original multiple buttons to three buttons, and then to one button, the comprehensive screen is finally formed, and the comprehensive screen has become the trend of the current situation. The design of the comprehensive screen better meets People’s Daily needs at home and out of the house, not only because the screen is bigger, but also because the touch screen experience will be better. In a word, full-screen design is a major point that can reflect human current aesthetic values, simple, clean, and stylish.

Camera Design

From the original button-and-screen design to the full-screen design, there are now more designs in detail like placing a circular camera at the top left, or at the right, maybe center of the screen, with a receiver at the top center. The benefits of this design are twofold: First, the camera doesn’t take up much of the screen, and the smaller size makes the full-screen “really well-designed”; Second, the circular design is neater than other shapes, making the overall design harmonious and suitable for people to use. As for the design of the rear camera, just like the front camera, it will always be placed on one side of the top. The current design of the rear camera can only be processed by a convex design on account of people’s demand for the camera and the development level of technology. When the body of the phone trend to thinner, the only way that camera can be installed and designed according to the precision of accessories, which is generally not the same high as the body, so designers will choose black or mobile phone color as the camera around the color so that doesn’t look obtrusively.

Color Design

In fact, when we look at the whole mobile phone market, the case of mobile phones is no longer only “gray”, “silver”, or “gold” in the past. The diversity of color is a big incentive to attract consumers to purchase, even if you will put on a mobile phone case, it doesn’t matter the choice of color. In addition to the dull (like classic black) colors, the mobile phone market has recently added a lot of bright colors like red, blue, green, fan, and even some rare colors: azure, growing green, etc. For instance, the phone brand, OPPO, has released an eye-catching oppo a57 with a brilliant color, which can see a flowery and twinkling color when you holding in hand, very dreamy. Bright case designs like it is also part of a recent trend, specifically appealing to people who like bright colors and a shimmery feel.

What factors make you fall in love with mobile phones at first sight? 3

Body Design

Nowadays, the design of the body of the mobile phone is divided into two categories: curved screen design, is a designed way to make the body as thin as possible, its biggest feature is to make the whole phone thinner, but its disadvantage is that the mobile phone screen bending may lead to the phone screen protector is not-that-fit, moreover, each connection of the body splicing may inevitably keep user’s attention due to its obviousness; Rectangular frame design is an old-style design, which originally used in the early design of mobile phones, but now gradually become popular, its biggest merit is the screen will not bend with the perfect fit of the splicing, more coordinated, correct.


The above content is about the theme of “Aesthetically Eye-catching Appearance Design”. I sincerely hope it can help you know more about cell phone design and assist you get inspiration for choosing a favorite mobile phone. Thank you for reading!

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